Fubutsushi | 風物詩

Just few of our poetic designs!

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Recreating traditional Japanese textiles

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Designed and Printed in Japan


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A little more about Fubutsushi

We value the ever-changing culture and the products they produce. Each design reflects the people of the era and often gifts us with nostalgia creating sentimental value. At Fubutsushi we focus on ways to blend tradition with a contemporary frame of mind. We would like to introduce a deeper understanding of Japan by exploring the language as well as the goods and scenery associated with seasons, otherwise known as Fubutsushi(風物詩).


Although we create new shirts, we use those material which other wise would have been discarded to appreciate traditional goods in a modern mindset.

Kimoono Data Base

We keep data of materials used in our goods. Simply look up the model name to find its origin!

International Shipment

We sell some of our lineups on Amazon! Please check if we cover your country.

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